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Other namesAdinatha, Adish Jina (first conqueror), Adi Purush (first Perfect Man), Ikshvaku
Height500 arc-lengths (800 ells, 1200 feet)[1]
Age8,400,000 purva years[1][2][3]
MokshaMount Kailash
SpouseSunanda and Sumangala
Children100 sons including Bharata and Bahubali, and 2 daughters: Sundari, Brahmi[4]
  • Nabhi (father)
  • Marudevi (mother)

Rishabhanatha (also Ṛṣabhadeva, Rishabhadeva, or Ṛṣabha which literally means "bull") is the first Tirthankara (ford maker) in Jainism.[5][6] A mythical leader, he is believed in Jainism to have lived millions of years ago.[7][4] He was the first of twenty four teachers in the present half cycle of time in Jain cosmology, and called a ford maker because his teachings helped one across the sea of interminable rebirths and deaths (saṃsāra). He is also known as Ādinātha of Jainism which translates into "First (Adi) Lord (nātha)",[7] as well as Adishvara (first ishvara), Yugadideva (deva of yuga), Prathamaraja (first king), and Nebheya (son of Nabhi).[8][9] Along with Mahavira, Parshvanatha and Neminatha, Rishabhanatha is one of the four Tirthankaras that attract the most devotional worship among the Jains.[10]According to Jain traditional accounts, he was born to King Nabhi and Queen Marudevi in north Indian city of Ayodhya, also called Vinita.[4] He had two wives, Sunanda and Sumangala. Sumangala is described as the mother of his ninety-nine sons (including Bharata) and one daughter, Brahmi. Sunanda is depicted as the mother of Bahubali and Sundari. The sudden death of Nilanjana, one of the dancers of Indra, reminded him of the world's transitory nature and he developed a desire for renunciation. After renouncing, the Jain legends state he wandered without food for a whole year. The day on which he got his first ahara (food), is celebrated as Akshaya Tritiya by Jains. He is said to have attained Moksha on Mount Kailash. The text Adi Purana by Jinasena is an account of the events of his life. His iconography includes colossal statues such as Statue of Ahimsa, Bawangaja and those erected in Gopachal hill. His icons include the eponymous bull as his emblem, the Nyagrodha tree, Gomukha (bull-faced) Yaksha, and Chakreshvari Yakshi.

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